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Our Big Data Solutions: Making Crucial Business Decisions Easy!

Have your organization's data volume become so big that you are struggling to capture, store, collate and analyze it effectively? Well, don't worry as TriyaSoft can counter that problem for you. We develop solutions for businesses that need to deal with huge Data chunks, and render them the comfort to seamlessly process data of big volume, variety and velocity. Our intuitive big data applications and allied solutions help you in gaining useful business insights and enhance your business decision making. We can also integrate big data into your existing information management systems including data systems, relational DBMSes, CMS, data warehouses and more.

Our Semantic Web Development services include:

Our Big Data Application Development Competency

If you are looking to develop a big data app; or that much-sought after help to you get data, analytics and gain insight to initiate subsequent action, you should contact TriyaSoft right now. We have hands-on experience and expertise in MapReduce, Hadoop, Apache Mahout etc., and bring with us the requisite experience in managing and maintaining various aspects of data processing. Rest your trust on us for most powerful Big data app allowing you to explore, analyse, visualize, personalize, collaborate and integrate that data to take valued business decisions.

We can help you in creating apps that efficiently organize your data with appropriate indexing, classification, categorization and meta information. You can rely on our expertise for not just developing the solution but we can also partner you in the process of testing, debugging and execution of the new data process-centric application code.

Our Big Data Analytics Expertise

The true potential of big data analytics lies in solving major business problems and creating new business opportunities. At TriyaSoft, we are driven towards the goal to harness newer business potential for our clients. We have extensive experience in developing Big data analytics solutions powered with our know-how in C, C++, C#, Java, Python, Perl etc, all in combination with the effort to embed complex analytics into solutions that enable iterative, on-the-fly data exploration and analysis.

TriyaSoft brings with it the in-depth knowledge in DeepSee dashboards, advanced data modeling, implementing KPIs, implementing iKnow solutions, HealthShare Active Analytics etc.

Our Big Data Integration Capability

Big data integration is an essential aspect of a data processing activity. Like every other aspects of data processing, irrespective of the size or volume - integration is an important element that helps in optimization of the use of big data potential. You can also contact TriyaSoft for the need of native integration with all your major data vendors and agents materializing the distribution functionary.

Our integration services offer you maximum flexibility with complete data safety. And that's not all; you can immediately access new features and functionalities that result out of the new integrations.

We have expertise in data integration with Apache Hadoop, Cloudera, HortonWorks, MapR, NoSQL databases like MongoDB, Cassandra and HBase. We can do integrations with specialized big data stores like Splunk and even analytic databases like Vertica, Greenplum, Teradata etc.

Contact TriyaSoft and leverage the power of big data processing today.